Friday, June 29, 2012

Around the World - Miami, FL - Weasel Wrks

Ocean Plaza 8.5x11 Print - csfitzgerald

Now that we're done with Detroit, I thought Miami would be a great next city, since I'm currently watching CSI: Miami and all, haha. So let's go to the biggest city in the sunshine state of Florida and see what they have to offer in handmade.

Let's start with something cool perhaps? Reusing skateboard decks, spray paint cans, old cassette tapes and more, Matt, the owner of Weasel Wrks created all these unusual and intriguing work of art. The urban industrial look is one of the strong points of these one of a kind, limited edition art pieces. And I must admit that the spray can lamps look really cool. The skateboard artworks which is a collaboration with another artist Danelly Liz, looks really cool too! If you love street art, you should definitely check out this unique shop! :)


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