Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Around the World - Austria, PaperPhine

I think this is the first time I've ever heard of paper yarn, and jewelry made out of them! (there will be a first for everything eh?) Aside from supplying the finest paper yarn and paper twine, PaperPhine Studios, hailing from Vienna, Austria, also has a nice range of jewelry made from paper yarn. I mean, just look that ring! It looks a little surreal and so gorgeously delicate at the same time. And I can't resist not adding that stick-Rudolf! He is my favorite character in all the Christmas songs and lores. :D

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ginger's Tail

About 4 months ago, I rescued a stray cat that lives on my street. She had a bad case of mange and had crust all caked up on her ears, and it looks icky and painful. I reached out to Dr Chan from Animal Care for help, because personally I do not own a pet myself, and asked for advice. She borrowed me her old carrier for the cat and when I threw a fish head into the carrier, the cat just dashed in! How hungry was she?!?

Her first visit to the vet to treat the mange, she had it bad on her legs and tail too. Ginger (I named her after the first vet visit) was emaciated as well, all skin and bones and only weighted 2kg. (4.4lbs) She was estimated to be about 11-14 years old judging from her missing teeth; she only had molars left.

Initially, I thought her tail was broken, maybe from some accident or something. The fur was just sooooo badly matted and the mange was so bad, the vet had to shave the whole thing! Turned out the broken tail was just an illusion caused by the matting!

Ginger and her shaven tail! I know she kind of looked terrible in this picture, like a wet rat or something lol. But she was still recovering from mange at this point. This picture was taken right after her 3rd jab.

And now, Ginger after having recovered from mange 3 months later. :) Look how furry the tail had grown! She had also become a lot fluffier for some reason, I initially thought she had medium-long hair, but it looks more like long-hair right now. She currently weights 2.75kg (6lbs) and my mom commented that she physically looks 'rounder in overall', haha. She had also been diagnosed with kidney failure and is on a special diet, plus she needs meds everyday. The diet seems to be doing wonders for Ginger as her weight gain only really started when she started on the diet. Just look at her now! :)

Right now, she is strictly an outdoor/yard cat, as my mom hates the idea of cat hair stuck everywhere in the house. (and Ginger sheds a LOT) So that's why she looks a little dirty/ragged still. She's a really obedient and smart cat though! She knows that she's not supposed to come into the house and won't go further than the welcoming mat. :)

Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekly Word Picks - Air

Since we've been going through a nature-inspired streak for the series, why don't we continue on? :) This week's word is...


Hand Lettered Air Mail Envelope Seals - KisforCalligraphy // Hot Air Balloon Soap - thecharmingfrog
Hot Air Balloon Trio - madeleinesargent // Postal Ribbon Headband - moderncrush

For the complete treasury : Air Mail Alternative

This week's word was chosen by Karolina of karoart.

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Simple Embellishments

I use these little brown kraft boxes to package my earrings and necklaces, and had been thinking about ways to embellish them for a while. I did not want to just tie a ribbon on it like how everyone else does it, that would be boring now wouldn't it? And then... I saw the masking tapes that I had been obsessively collecting.

So what do you think? Aren't these just so simple and so cute? :)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Around the World - Czech Republic, Rjabinnik

Aren't these carved wooden fairies and woodland creatures just irresistibly cute? Designed by his wife Renata and hand carved by his loving husband - Rene Kvicala, they are the wonderful owners of Rjabinnik. There is just a certain fairy-tale like charm to these little wooden toys that reminded me of children story books that I read when I was little. Brings back so much fond memories. Wouldn't it be cute if I could get a few and have a little gathering on my shelf, I do love the flower fairies! :D

Friday, August 26, 2011

Crafty Art Market 5 @ Jaya One

I love going to craft markets! I love looking at what crafty things that everyone had been doing, and what creativity had entailed. The friendly atmosphere and the inspirational space... is something that you don't find often. :)

Cutting to the chase, I was at Crafty Art Market 5 last weekend. I did not register for a booth because it was just too soon since my trip from US, I just finished catching up with backlog of orders so I simply do not have time to prepare for the market. But I had a lot of fun visiting! :) It was fun catching up with friends and going around taking pictures of their wares.

And here are a few of my favorites!

Top row - Angelic Quirk // Bottom row - Lullabelle, Notbook Notbuk

Top row - Kindersoaps // Bottom row - Jenny Pong Designs, Bella Posh

And my biggest hunt of the day - a vintage black briefcase owned by a doctor's father. The combination lock still works, although one of the locks is a little wonky. The interior is in perfect condition, almost like it was never really been used much. The best part is though, I only got this for RM5! That translates to about USD1.70!! My eyes grew wide when the lady told me the price and I immediately snatched it up! What a find!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Daily Colours

Had you got your daily dose of colors yet? :) From Daily Colours, the subject of Saskia's photography are very simple - Half a pomegranate; one pinecone. But it is the way it was photographed, the color coordination of the background with the subject, the gorgeous lighting, and the off-center composition of her photographs are some of her strong points that make her photography stand out from the rest. It is her unique style!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Around the World - Czech Republic, Sadiie

I just love the cottage, shabby chic feel of Sadiie's shop! Selling a variety of items including but not limited to... gorgeous, gorgeous wreaths made from paper and other various naturally found items, paper mobiles and even vintage items, but somehow she still managed to keep the look and feel of her shop together. With the holiday season looming in the horizon, you should prepare to start your holiday shopping soon. Why don't you start with these gorgeous wreaths? ;)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Oxidized Sterling Silver Gemstone Necklaces

Just got a new batch of gemstones! I went into frenzy and bought a whole bunch, and am now totally broke lol. No more gemstone shopping for a while for me. :D Here are a few new pieces that I made using the new gemstones. The first one is a pearlescent chalcedony, peridot, amethyst and aquamarine. Thinking of maybe making more some time next week. :) Now that I had got my supplies, I'm going into a crafting frenzy!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Weekly Word Picks - Water

Finally, the last of the four elements...


White Horse in Water Photograph - irenesuchocki // Romantic Drops of Ocean - TforEdgar
Ceramic Fish Tile - karoart // Humpback Whale Brass Paper Weight - MonroeStreetVintage
Macro Winter Flower Photograph - oohprettyshiny // Vintage Ship Print - Hindsvik

For the complete treasury : From the Waters...

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Around the World - Czech Republic, Quayaba

Quayaba from Prague, Czech Republic, is a fairly new seller on Etsy, but I see a lot of potential for success for her already. :D Her decoupaged cups, pots and planters are just so pretty! Now she just needs the exposure for more people to see her wares. I love that milk pot!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Old Marker Artworks

I was digging around my folders the other day and found all these old scans of artworks I did with Prismacolor markers. These were done when I was in second year of art college, and that was what... 6 years ago? Man, time flies.

The one above with red checkered cloth was referencing a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf advertisement I found in a food magazine. Oh I do love those food magazines! :9

This was referencing off a black and white photo my lecturer gave us, it was a color study session where we give it our own colors. Looking back at this, I some times wonder how I managed to do it back then...

I took the photo for this one! I borrowed my friend's portable light box and laid two sheets of transparent colored paper on it. (blue and red) And this is the end result!! :)

Thursday, August 18, 2011


I found Carousel Ink about a week ago, and I am absolutely in love! Those leggings, those leggings!! I want one please!

I also love their photographs, how they were taken to all look like they are from a carnival or a circus, very suiting to their shop name. Now this is what I call strong branding! The masks added a really nice, mysterious and playful tone to their shop. :) Oh did I mention I want those leggings? I want those leggings!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Around the World - Czech Republic, Cooperativ

I am loving these photos from Cooperativ! Not only are his sunset photography breathtaking, his night shots are pretty amazing too. And that is one thing that we rarely see among Etsy photographers. I also like that some of his photos seem to have a sense of movement, like it is absorbing you into the image or moving through the woods. Just simply wonderful!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Bronze Charm Bracelets

New editions to the shop! I made these charm bracelets for an event in US - Anime Expo. Since I got a few left, I just thought that I'd list them into my Etsy shop and see how the response is. :) So what do you think? Should I keep them and make more? They do kind of blend in well with the rest of my shop.

A little concept behind the bracelet's make and design, they were inspired by a Japanese webcomic called Hetalia. Long story short, various countries were represented by a stereotyped anthropomorphic characters. For example, US loves hamburgers and fast food, is a Texan and is a great inventor. Where France loves everyone, is a hopeless romantic, perpetually depicted with a rose in his mouth and plays musical instruments. You get the idea. ;) These bracelets were made with them in mind and the charms are stuff that they love or represents them. (or the country/culture)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Weekly Word Picks - Earth

Wind, Fire, Earth, water! Following the four elements, this week's word is...


Brown Abalone Earrings - Balanced // Sea Salt Caramel Soap Bar - LippincotSoapCo
Unearthed Steampunk Wood Journal - ThreeTreesBindery // Seascape Photography - Maddenphotography

For the complete treasury : For Mother Earth

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Around the World - Germany, Peace 4 You

What I love more than stylish bags are eco-friendly, multi-functional stylish bags. :) Peace 4 You makes these awesome bags by recycling old bags like post bags, military bags, duffle bags and even old leather jackets! Breathing new life to old, unwanted items. Like a lot of upcycled products, all of their bags are one of a kind and unique in design. I would so get a bag from them if I could afford their price tag, sigh.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Around the World - Germany, Stephanie Levy

I had always admired Stephanie Levy's painting / collage style art. It just makes a seemingly dull image, like an artwork of a dining table before the window, so much more interesting. Her colors are bright and bold, and I love the way she use different textures and patterned paper too! It is just simply uniquely her. :) Her artworks of food, kitchen or the dining room would just be perfect to brighten up your house! Other rooms available too. ;)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bismuth Crystals

Had you seen anything so bizarre and beautiful occurring in the natural world? Just recently I discovered these gorgeous stones called Bismuth crystals. Ironically, they are considered more metal than stone.

The way they grow like spiral stair steps almost look like they came from a Transformers movie or something. And the colors...!!

Unfortunately they are considered as brittle metal, and are very slightly radioactive as well. So even if I wish I could use them for jewelry, it is just not going to happen. They are still very pretty to stare at though!

(Pictures from here and here...)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Weekly Word Picks - Fire

Melissa Murrey of My Blue Peacock gave me the genius idea of completing the four elements since I made the Wind one 2 weeks back. :D So here is the first one!


Blaze Fine Art Print - Bomobob // Poppy Flower Ring - HoneyCase2
Amber Fire Necklace - PoleStar // Fire Engine Red Vintage Handbag - vintagemarmalade

For the complete treasury : Autumn's Fire

This week's word, as well as the ones in the next two weeks, were chosen by Melissa Murrey of MyBluePeacock.

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Weekly Word Picks

Weekly Word Picks is an Etsy curation series where a random word - any word at all, could be an adjective or a noun, be suggested by someone else aside from me, and I will compose a comprehensive treasury by searching for that word on Etsy. This is a self challenging series as sometimes I am given a difficult words to work with, as well as to train my treasury curation skills AND feature amazing sellers on Etsy.

Words that had been used
Rush // Wild // Brick // Fruit // Funky // Wheel

Weekly Word Pick Front Pages!
- Disco -

- Money -

- Luggages -

- Puzzle -
- Pencil -

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Ramadan Food

It is the month of Ramadan, where muslims fast from dawn to dusk. But to celebrate the breaking of fast in the dusk, muslims usually have a feast! :D And it is only in this month you can find delicious food at Ramadan food bazaars selling all sorts of yummy food.

My first visit to the Ramadan bazaar at the Shah Alam stadium, which has roughly about 300 stalls. (crazy!) You can find all sorts of food from the usual nasi briyani, roti daging, cendol, satay to other weirder varieties like halal chow kuey teow, chinese style paus and even dim sum!! Needless to say, I feasted on these delicious food. My personal favorite are the colorful cendol! (those in the jugs)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Around the World - Germany, Stadtkind Potsdam

Once upon a time, I was obsessed with hoodies. Although I am no longer as obsessed, but I do still like a good hoodie or two when they present themselves. I love the clothes and especially the hoodies from Stadtkind Potsdam. Her design accentuates the hoodies, instead of having it just an accessory to the clothing. Which I find very unique.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

New Earrings

From the Flowers of the World series. Decided to restock, take new photos and add new addition to the series. Seen here, the new ones are Angel's Trumpet (pink) and Hyacinth. (light blue) Going to list them into the shop gradually. Limited availability!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Around the World - Germany, Detail Loving

So I decided to change the posting format for the Around the World series too, and will highlight one Etsy shop at a time instead of one whole bunch in a post. There will be two posts a week, and two weeks for one country/state, so 4 artists in total. :)

To start it off, here is Sofie's beautiful photography from Detail Loving Photography.

So beautifully ethereal, with a little hint of morbidity and playful darkness in some. It is just so... 'her'! Check out more of her gorgeous photographs over at her Etsy shop!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Weekly Word Picks - Eclectic

As most of you can see, I am going through a major remodeling of the blog. Please wait patiently as I 'complete' it slowly. And while waiting, enjoy this week's Word Picks!


Silk Corset skirt - OfCorsetFits // Moroccan Hoop Earrings - challenevi // Black Beauty - mobilosity

For the complete treasury : Eclectic Taste

As you can see, I am changing the way I post as well. :) Anyways, this week's word was chosen by Caroline from stoneblissstudio

So what should next week's word be? Suggest by posting in the comments below!