Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Shinies For Your Ear

The long awaited post for earrings! Personally, although my ears are pierced, I don't wear earrings. I don't know, I guess I'm just not that girly yet, plus dangling earrings will get in the way of my headphones. Strangely enough, even though I don't wear anything in my piercings they never closed. Although I do poke through them eventually more so out of curiosity than making sure they don't close, ahaha.

But making these dangling earrings are just so much fun! You could read up on the concept and idea behind each design plus see more photos through the Etsy link :)

♦ All prices include shipment!
♦ Item will be shipped via registered air mail. ♦
♦ International shipment usually takes 10-14 days. ♦
♦ E-mail me at for orders! ♦

Title : Sparkling Blue
Status : Sold
Price : USD9.00

Title : Lure Of The Blue Bell
Status : Sold
Price : USD9.00

Title : Dreamberry Ice Cream
Status : Available
Price : USD9.00

During the weekend I also made a treasury on Etsy. I was lucky enough to grab hold of a slot! I had so much fun looking for these owl-themed items and making the list. Here is a quick tutorial on how to make a Treasury!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Growing Wings

I haven't done a screentoned black and white artwork in a while. This is a commission done for Riley Laurent on DeviantArt, of her original character Riley. I had full artistic license over the outfit so I just went and have fun with it! This artwork reminded me of the manga series D.N.Angel for some unknown reason, must be the feathers, hmm.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Only a month away!

Long ago, someone suggested that we should keep a wishlist or something online so they would know what to get for their birthdays, this would make gift choosing much easier for the gifter. (Yes, I'm looking at you Lina!!) Since my birthday is less than a month away, guess what I'm going to do? Hah! Shamelessly list down the things I want, surely!

But of course, whether anyone wants to get me anything is still unknown. Although one could hope~ *dreams* Unfortunately... the items I'm going to list are mostly from Etsy! I swear that place is addictive!

OMG!! Nothing can express my glee when I laid eyes upon this adorable wallet! My wallet is still fine and dandy but it clashes horribly with my flower-adorned bag. Since I got my wallet in my wannabe-punk era. But just look at it! It has lace and polka dots and is a cute shade of baby blue! It's soooooo cute!! Here's the link to it's Etsy listing~

I actually stumbled upon this ring when I'm looking for art inspirations. I'm not big on rings but I think this is very pretty and neat! I can't explain why but I just really like it! Either silver or brass is fine although I'm leaning towards the brass one! Link to it's Etsy listing~

Although I am not big on rings, but you can rest assure I'm huuuuuge on bracelets! And this seller, omg this seller makes some of the nicest 'chunky' bracelets! I can't help but find the bees stuck in the beads so damn adorable. It's like they flew blindly into the honey and got stuck there. (I get amused by the strangest things) Actually, I can't choose which is my favourite from this seller, her bracelets are just so amazing! I already got one from her but I don't mind more!! Here is the Etsy listing for this bracelet~ Although I like this, and this, and this, and also this~~~

Finally, something a bit more practical. (but still cute!) I'm going to print my own business cards for Skyejuice Design, and I will need a card holder to hold my business cards. I know I could get a metallic one from inQbox, but those are so manly and unattractive. This one however, is just so adorable! It is cover in plastic as well so it's (mostly) waterproof, just in case my water bottle decide to leak in my bag... which is what happened earlier today... Link to the Etsy listing~

Aside from those listed above, I don't mind getting beading supplies as well. Lately I've been trying to look for frosted glass beads, but to no success. (Kimmsmith uses those a lot in her bracelets, can see from the honey bee bracelet above) Pea found another beading supply shop last weekend, so I'm going to go check it out with her to see if I could find these there.

Ultimately you could buy something from my Etsy store, that would make me very happy as well! Even if you don't get me anything, it is enough for me if you so much as considered about it. Thank you guys in advance ♥

ps: E-mail me if you need my address *wink*

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Music Logo

I received the joyous news the other day that my logo above had won the contest on Logo Tournament! It's for a TV show in Louisiana (obviously) featuring the local musicians there and promoting their culture to the masses. I'm totally ecstatic and honored for the win! This is my 4th win on Logo Tournament so far, despite having joined for nearly a year lol! Some people get like 2-5 wins per month!! It's mad!!

Anyways, back to the logo oh yes. I was actually inspired by the movie "The Soloist" staring Robert Downey Jr and Jamie Foxx, I watched it during my flight back from Japan last year. It was just a so-so movie but the music is of course, brilliant! The logo is actually a cello leaning against an empty chair constructed with music notes. The contest holder loved it! And now that I'm a few hundred bucks richer, I'm going to get Bioshock 2 to celebrate! :D

While I'm at it, I might as well feature some of the logos that I like and/or are winners of contests.

I won the contest for this logo back in December last year. It came as a surprise to me really, since I personally think there were more brilliant entries in that contest. But nonetheless I was still very happy! :) It was actually inspired by the ever famous three layered tea commonly found in Malaysia. Personally I've never tried this tea before! But eventually I intend to, eventually~

And here are some of my all-time favourites ever since I started designing logos since last year May but did not win the contests. Juicebox Media was for a gaming development company that develops games for Facebook. Casino Club was for a pub that has nothing to do with gambling, strangely. It is still one of my all-time favourites although it was one of the first few I did. Time Management Ninja was for a blog that teaches people how to manage their time and provide tips for multi-tasking and such. Kidlets is for a kid's clothes store.

Unfortunately, I can't show the other two logo designs that I won for their respective contests, because they are 'private contests'. Private contest means that they pay Logo Tournament extra to keep their contests private, and that I will need to seek permission to display the logo in my portfolio should I win. This usually mean that the prize is higher than normal contests. ($500 and above) And since I didn't got permission from the contest holders, I can't show them in my portfolio. :( Oh wells~

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Book Blings

Just recently I got into making shiny stationaries and jewelry! Never in my life would I imagine myself to become so girly, but fact is, here I am playing with pretty beads and shiny charms. The world is truly a mysterious place.

I think the thing that triggered this interest is probably the hooked bookmark like the one in the picture above. I never knew their existence until recently, and personally... I find it such a genius of a creation! At least until I found out that they are semi-common haha. And thus, that marks Alex's fall down into the shiny rabbit hole.

However, the bookmarks will just remain unused the more I make them. Since I'm not a big book reader myself, I probably only need one lol. So I decided to put them online to sell, perhaps start an Etsy shop even, make some money on the side with them. I don't know how successful I will be, but hey, I won't know until I try right? So please bear with me as I pimp out my works. :D

♦ All bookmarks are a flat price of $12.00, including shipment!
♦ Item will be shipped via registered air mail. ♦
♦ Shipment usually takes 10-14 days. ♦
♦ E-mail me at for orders! ♦

Or you could also visit my Etsy Store!! ♥

Title : Pearls Of The Sea
Status : Sold

Title : Heart Of Gold
Status : Sold

Title : Spring Dew
Status : Sold

Title : Watcher Of The Forest
Status : Sold

Title : The Biggest Haul
Status : Available

Phone charms and earrings next? :D I want to make bracelets too, but I don't have toggles at the moment (and I so hate bracelets with lobster clasps) so that will have to wait. I need to take better pictures of my earrings. :(

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Some art to start this off

I've been wanting to start an art blog of sorts in a while, but I never had a reason or got around to. But now that I want to try and establish Skyejuice Design as something (what, I had yet to know) I figured that this is a right time to start one.

I will be posting my digital art, logo designs, (I did that cute logo with the bird on the moon up there on the header!) accessory designs and photographies on occasion here, and perhaps little tidbits of my life; as I don't want to strictly keep this work-related.

A commission I did for someone on DeviantArt! I had a short artblock when I was trying to decide what to put on him, so in the end I decided to just not put anything on him, and it worked out well! The commissioner loves him!

A quick sketch I did for a friend of mine, this is her original character Zeke. He has bright lime green and black hair (although it is only a black and white sketch here) and it was a lot of fun to draw!! :D