Friday, October 19, 2012

Hello! Street Fair

Next week at this time, I will be at Hello! Street Fair in Penang organized by huey&wah cafe, a cafe run by one of my good friends - Huey. :) It's their official opening fiesta for their small and cozy cafe that serves delicious home baked goods. Don't believe me? Look at these.

Photos ganked from their Facebook page 

I am sooooo looking forward to these goodies! (look at that popcorn marshmallow pop!) I'm a fan of her marshmallows, and I can tell you, she's one hell of a baker! And I am soooo looking forward to the street fair too, she has a lot of exciting things lined up like photo booths, carnival games, street performances like guitar and saxophone playing, tarot card reading and she told me the venue is going to be having a trick or treating session for little kids too! Even if I'm not joining as a vendor, I'd still want to go!!

So yes, I'll be away from October 25th to 29th. I know the giveaway ends on the 25th, and I'll only be able to announce a winner after I come back. So I hope you all will have patience with me while I'm gone.

This will be my first time driving long distance too omg! It will be a 4-5 hours drive to Penang. I'm doing the best I can to prepare, but I feel that I am ready for it!


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