Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Kinkaku-ji - The Golden Pavillion

And how can I go to Kyoto without visiting the famed Kinkaku-ji? (Temple of the Golden Pavillion) The view there was truly breathtaking!!

Of course, there are more things to look around aside from the golden temple itself. Here is a worker trimming a tree in the garden surrounding the Kinkaku-ji. He's perched so precariously high up!

Yes, I am fascinated by the mossy roofs of these little huts. :D

I found this giant bug when I saw two girls bending over and taking photos of something on the ground, so I went to inspect when they walked away. This not-so-little insect was walking the area like a boss! It was a pretty high traffic area too and for some reason it is surviving pretty decently. I wonder what insect is this?


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