Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Trip Back to Hometown

Like clockwork, every year of Chinese New Year our entire family will be taking a 4-5 hours long drive back to my mom's hometown; my grandpa's house in Perak to spend the festivities with family. I decided to bring my camera along this year and take some photos of the trip. :)

On our way back, we will stop by this bay at Lumut in remembrance of my other grandfather, who passed away years ago. His ashes were scattered in this bay area.

During our trip, we went to eat at this famous Restaurant Kong Heng in the old town area of Ipoh, Perak. I love this area, there is always a certain charm to these old buildings that make them so pleasant to look at. Every crack and every chip in the wall seems to tell a story.

The rest of the trip was uneventful. :) I spent 4 days at my grandpa's without internet. The reception was pretty bad since he lives pretty much in the middle of nowhere. So I spent most of it playing Assassin's Creed on my laptop. Almost done with it haha. Oh, and I ate a lot too! So much snacking, everyone keep giving me food!!


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