Monday, December 27, 2010

December Woes

Whooo! December is finally almost over and the convention is well over. Had been chilling and relaxing since then through the Christmas period. My Christmas was pretty uneventful, just sitting at home taking pictures of the pieces that I had accumulated over the month. Yeah my family don't really celebrate Christmas, there isn't a peek of a Christmas decoration in my house ahaha. So I didn't really feel the 'Christmas cheer' at all. But dad did treated us to a nice dinner that night! :9

As for my woes, (from the title) some of my supplies is running low. Reordered some and waiting to arrive, but some I needed to go get personally and that is a little difficult right now because the holidays all landed on Saturdays this month. Aaaand I am busy on the next available Saturday next month, lmao!

So I guess for certain pieces, I wouldn't be able to make again for a while until I get my supplies. :) Anyways, enjoy the new pieces I made this month, they are all bracelets!

Title : Coral Reef Jewels
Price : USD20.00

Title : Innocence
Price : USD22.00

Title : Vanilla Cream
Price : USD20.00

Title : Black Cherry
Price : USD20.00

Title : Romance in Purple
Price : USD20.00

Title : Forest Green
Price : USD20.00

Title : Golden Dreams
Price : USD20.00

Title : Chocolate Cherry
Price : USD20.00

Title : Vintage Warmth
Price : USD20.00

2011 is almost upon us, and I have a few plans in mind, both for the shop and for the blog. You can say it can almost be a total revamp of how things run. I will be running a clearance sale in the beginning of January though, for things that really need to go. As for what are the changes? Perhaps I will write a post about it in the near future, so feel free to stick around. :)

Do you have any plans yet for 2011?


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