Monday, June 6, 2011

Blog feature, giveaway and other things!

I'm featured on Green Eyed Monster. :D Woohoo!! Hop on over to read the post and best of all... GIVEAWAY ALERT!! You could win a bracelet of your choice from your's truly in a giveaway on Green Eyed Monster too. So what is there to lose? Go over there now!

And on a side note, Around the World series will be taking a temporary hiatus as I will be flying to US in 3 more weeks. EXCITED!! Hence I will be super busy preparing for it until then. Another reason I am putting this particular series on hiatus is because of Etsy's new Shop Local search system. I just absolutely HATE IT because instead of getting a list of shops in the area I am searching, I get regular search results of listings of shops in that area. So instead of having 10 shops listed on one page that I can glance through to find interesting ones, (and no repeats) I probably get lesser shop results now with the shops with hundreds of listings dominating my search. I really hope they change this while the series is on hiatus on my blog... :(


Sparkle Thots by Ruth said...

Hello! Thank you for selecting my item as part of your latest treasury. I love it!

I didn't realise the shop local had changed. Like you, I much prefer the old way. *sigh*

Enjoy your trip to US. :)

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