Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Around the World - Russia - Rarely

Time to visit another country for the Around the World series. :) I always like to pick a country nearby to the last featured one, or anything nearby that grabs my attention. And it is very difficult to not notice this country, because it is the biggest in the world - Russia!

When I think of Russia, the first thing I am reminded of are matryoshka dolls, and their vibrant propaganda posters. Which is a welcoming sight on Rarely. There is just a certain cynical yet artistic nature to these vintage propaganda posters and postcards, some are even true works of art! Although I don't know what most of them are saying (because they are in Russian) but some are pretty easy to guess, such as the anti-alcoholism one. :) I'm so tempted to get some for myself, because I've always been a fan of propaganda posters.


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