Wednesday, April 4, 2012

More Interesting Cork Stuff!

Since I did 'Cork' for this week's Weekly Word Picks, I am finding a lot of interesting cork products lately! Meet the Corkers!

This was a Design collaboration between Oded Friedland (Monkey Business) and Reddish Studio. Basically they are animal body parts that you can pin to your cork to turn them into little animals! How cute is that? :D My favorite is the bear!

You can also mix and match, creating new creatures.

The mustache man (made from the buffalo's horns!) is really cute too!

They are available for sale on Monkey Business. I love that website, so many quirky and creative designer products. Just a few months ago I bought the Yellow submarine tea infuser from them and I love it to bits! I actually have it in my cup now!


farahD said...

hey there!! Remember me who bought your necklace back in Straits Quay Penang? I bought Rm15 necklace and you change the necklace from 20inch length to 24inch one? Glad to meet you there..btw care to exchange link with me? I already have u link in my stay in touch yea !!

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