Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Holiday Rejects Giveaway #2 Winner

Phew, things are finally settling down now and I can finally update my blog a little bit. Last month was crazy busy, and not just with the handmade biz too. I was away for a week long trip in Osaka and Kyoto, Japan during the middle of the month! Then after that, I got gobbled up trying to catch up with orders since I decided to not put my shop on vacation. And when I had a little bit of time to want to announce the winner of the giveaway, my domain expired!! If you were here the couple of days it happened, you might have seen weird images on my blog everywhere. It's even more difficult when my domain host is away on a holiday too, sigh.

Anyways, everything is back to normal now! So without further ado, let's do this!

The winner for the kitty pendant is...


I will be in contact with you shortly, so expect an email from me soon!
Thank you to everyone for your participation! A new one will be announced soon. Stay tuned. :)


Natasha K said...

Thank you very much!I love it<3

Merry Christmas to all!!!!!!!!!!!!

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