Thursday, December 6, 2012

My Christmas Wishlist

Hey, everyone has gotta have one right? ;)

I've always wanted a miniature figurine from Sweet Bestiary. I have a soft spot for small figurines. :)

Terrarium Postcard Set - QuillandFox

I'm in a postcard collecting binge right now, and these are so cute!

I always wanted something like this so I would look like a scholar or something. ;D
Besides, it's a beautiful cover!

I'm thinking of started a vintage camera collection. I already have 1, another 3 more would be great!

Her wire wrapped jewelry are just plain gorgeous, and affordable too!

I always prefer thin, simpler rings, and this one is just simply gorgeous!

I had been lusting for this great looking camera bag for a while now. Don't you agree that it's a great green?

I love Happymori casings! And I want this one pretty badly for my new fancy Samsung Galaxy S3. Unfortunately I just can't find this particular design locally, sigh. We have more of the older designs. :( Not to mention that the market always favor the iPhone users and selections for the Samsung S3 is pretty limited.


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