Friday, August 26, 2011

Crafty Art Market 5 @ Jaya One

I love going to craft markets! I love looking at what crafty things that everyone had been doing, and what creativity had entailed. The friendly atmosphere and the inspirational space... is something that you don't find often. :)

Cutting to the chase, I was at Crafty Art Market 5 last weekend. I did not register for a booth because it was just too soon since my trip from US, I just finished catching up with backlog of orders so I simply do not have time to prepare for the market. But I had a lot of fun visiting! :) It was fun catching up with friends and going around taking pictures of their wares.

And here are a few of my favorites!

Top row - Angelic Quirk // Bottom row - Lullabelle, Notbook Notbuk

Top row - Kindersoaps // Bottom row - Jenny Pong Designs, Bella Posh

And my biggest hunt of the day - a vintage black briefcase owned by a doctor's father. The combination lock still works, although one of the locks is a little wonky. The interior is in perfect condition, almost like it was never really been used much. The best part is though, I only got this for RM5! That translates to about USD1.70!! My eyes grew wide when the lady told me the price and I immediately snatched it up! What a find!!


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