Friday, August 19, 2011

Old Marker Artworks

I was digging around my folders the other day and found all these old scans of artworks I did with Prismacolor markers. These were done when I was in second year of art college, and that was what... 6 years ago? Man, time flies.

The one above with red checkered cloth was referencing a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf advertisement I found in a food magazine. Oh I do love those food magazines! :9

This was referencing off a black and white photo my lecturer gave us, it was a color study session where we give it our own colors. Looking back at this, I some times wonder how I managed to do it back then...

I took the photo for this one! I borrowed my friend's portable light box and laid two sheets of transparent colored paper on it. (blue and red) And this is the end result!! :)


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