Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Bronze Charm Bracelets

New editions to the shop! I made these charm bracelets for an event in US - Anime Expo. Since I got a few left, I just thought that I'd list them into my Etsy shop and see how the response is. :) So what do you think? Should I keep them and make more? They do kind of blend in well with the rest of my shop.

A little concept behind the bracelet's make and design, they were inspired by a Japanese webcomic called Hetalia. Long story short, various countries were represented by a stereotyped anthropomorphic characters. For example, US loves hamburgers and fast food, is a Texan and is a great inventor. Where France loves everyone, is a hopeless romantic, perpetually depicted with a rose in his mouth and plays musical instruments. You get the idea. ;) These bracelets were made with them in mind and the charms are stuff that they love or represents them. (or the country/culture)


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