Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Around the World - Ottawa, Canada - Rosella Resin

From the land of USA, let's travel up north and cross the borders into Canada! Let's stop by Ottawa first before we fly elsewhere. I wonder what handmade goods this city has to offer?

I've always been very fascinated with the resin medium as well as preserved flora and fauna jewelry. Although there are a lot of common ones you see on the market, but you probably haven't seen anything like Rosella Resin's. Who knows that a simple feather or even moss would look so good on your wrist? I love that their mould is faceted instead of the regular smooth round one, (of course they have that too) it just looks so unique and organic, further enhancing the subject that they preserved in the resin. I think I am in love with that red heather bangle... And best of all, the resin they use is eco friendly too!


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