Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dear fellow readers, I hope you are having a wonderful Thanksgiving! Eat up and remember to not stuff yourself too much, bloated-ness is not a good feeling, trust me I have my share of stomach issues...

We don't really celebrate Thanksgiving here, and I was not invited to any Thanksgiving parties as well. I've only went to a handful in my whole life anyway, mostly invited by one of my church friends.

But what if I do celebrate Thanksgiving? One can imagine right? If so, these will be displayed on my table.

Pinecone Turkey Set of 2 - NaturallyNatalie // 19th Century Table Runner - Iblaswich
Wooden Log Votive Tea Light Candles - RoxyHeartVintage // Ceramic Fruit Bowl - PrinceDesignUK
Copper Hydrangea Napkin Rings - wishdaisy // Wood Doily - uncommon

And these will be the food I serve.

Dulce de Leche Coffee - The Pioneer Woman // Fettucine Alfredo - The Pioneer Woman
No-bake Strawberry Ice Box Cake - The Kitchn // The Best Chocolate Mousse of your Life - Cafe Fernando

I love Ree Drummond! Oh oh and also not forgetting the turkey hehe. Now wouldn't that be wonderful? I think I may be making that Fettucine pasta in the weekend though, just to (mock) celebrate Thanksgiving.


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