Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Gift Certificate and Black Friday Sale!

Extremely sorry for missing a few day's post there, it's just that the closer it is to Thanksgiving and the looming Black Friday, the busier I get! Although we don't really celebrate Thanksgiving over here, I still have a few family gatherings in the weekend, large orders to finish and even have to arrange some faulty supplies to be sent back to the supplier among other things.

That aside, I'm happy to announce that Skyejuice gift certificates are finally available in the shop!

I understand that sometimes it is just so difficult to pick a gift for your loved one. The troubling thoughts of "Would they like it?", "Would they use it?" and "Is it their favorite color?" passes through one's mind when you're shopping. At least... that was my problem with my dad... he's one difficult dude to shop for. If you're facing these problems, not to worry. As this Christmas you can let THEM choose their perfect gift by gifting them a gift certificate! :D Awesome right?

Also, from now until Nov 30th, I'll be upgrading the current holiday sale to the Black Friday sale with 20% discount off your total order! Please use the new coupon code SALE2011 during check out. It don't get better than this :D Please note that my shipping cut off date is Dec 1st. Means that is the last day for me to ship things out. And for obvious reasons, made to order items like bracelets ordered on that day itself will not be shipped on that day itself. If you want to order a bracelet, please order early so I'll have time to make them!


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