Friday, December 23, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide - For me!

Hello, welcome to the Holiday Gift Guide! This guide had been curated by your's truly, and the aim is to stir ideas for holiday gift giving. Maybe you may find something you like from my gift guides to buy as gifts, or maybe you will gain some inspiration on what to get for that special someone. Whatever it is, there will be something for everyone! :D

Gift Guide 01 : Holiday Decors
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Gift Guide 03 : Fashionistas
Gift Guide 04 : For the Love of Food
Gift Guide 05 : Mommy Dearest
Gift Guide 06 : Boss of the Family
Gift Guide 07 : Animal Lover
Gift Guide 08 : Eco-Friendly
Gift Guide 09 : Stocking Stuffers
Gift Guide 10 : Gift Wrapped

How can I do a holiday gift guide without having a guide for myself? Lol!! I don't mind getting my gift late. ;) *hinthint* Haha, since Christmas is only 2 days away, I think this will mark the end of the Holiday Gift Guide series for this year. :) Enjoy this little list that includes some things that I really really want this Christmas.

Had I mentioned before that I am nuts about leggings/stockings/tights? Yes I am! Haha!! These Calla Blosson tights would be soooo perfect for the new dress I bought for one of my best friend's wedding next year, I'm going to be a bridesmaid! And isn't that button bracelet just so unique and charming? And I was browsing through custom pet items just a couple days ago, I love Siamese cats! But if I get a custom mini pet felt portrait of Ginger, I would be even more thrilled!

Lace Leggings - QooQooFashion

More leggings! This one is so sweet too. :) And that notebook! Mortal words cannot begin to describe how awesome the cover is. (I guess the cover is pretty self explanatory) I would totally be motivated to fill it with big, life-changing, brilliant artworks! (and ideas) Finally, I've seen NottyPooch's work in person before and although I do not have one, (yet!) I can vouch for the fantastic quality. I love this color, and it would be awesome to bring my laptop about in it casually. My big ass laptop bag pack can be so troublesome to lug around sometimes.

And last but not least... I want an...
Please please? Pretty please Santa? XD I love the white one! And it's high time I get my first smartphone hahaha. Yes, I am still using a 'low intelligence' phone, the Sony Ericsson w810i. Though it had been servicing me loyally for the past 4 years or so, it is starting to have some minor problems. But alas, I am far too poor to get an iPhone 4S, maybe in the far far future...

And before I hop off to work on more orders, here is a fantastic Christmas song for you all to enjoy :)


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