Saturday, December 24, 2011

So what did I get for myself for Christmas?

Sometimes, the best gifts are the gifts that you got for yourself. :) It is true in my case, because my family doesn't really celebrate Christmas. We never had a Christmas tree, no sock stuffing, no gift wrapped presents. But I still wish to feel a little festive myself, so I pamper myself in this holiday season.

The question is, what did I get?

SAVOR SOAP!!! My Christmas wouldn't be complete without Savor soap. I love love love Clarity! (the blue one) The refreshing smell was immediately recognizable when I opened the mail. Am using Hot Maple Toddy now because the shrink wrap broke at a little corner, and mmm it smells so deliciously like mild caramel. The other two had a milder scent too, and I can't really smell it through the shrink wrap, but I bet they smell amazing too! They are Chocolate Cardamom (top) and Vanilla Pinecones. (bottom)

Unfortunately Lisa from Savor had to have an emergency eye surgery, and her shop is closed atm while she recovers. Here's to hoping she recovers soon! She is the sweetest person I've ever had the honor to talk to. :)

What else?

More soap from Cat's Little Corner! You see, I'm a bit of a soap collector myself haha. And isn't her soap just so pretty? Unfortunately though, her packaging is a little bit not so travelling-friendly for her soap. They did not arrive as pretty as it looks on her photo, smudges on the plastic and lots of chips stuck at corners. The soap's smell is pretty mild, but very nice.

Woodland Critters Calendar - NatureMandalas // Retro Atomic Fabric Magnets - BettysKitschen

I finally decided on a calendar to get! Can't wait to get it in the mail, it's too cute. :) I got a set of fabric magnets too, because I've been thinking of putting up an inspirational board in my room somewhere, and I want it to be steel so that I can get cute magnets to stick prints and cards on it. It is more flexible too so I can move things around when I feel like it. :)

So what did you get for yourself for Christmas?


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