Monday, December 26, 2011

I Love Secret Santas!

Aside from being a team leader for Team Etsy Malaysia, another team that I am actively participating is my treasury team - Curation Nation. We had a Secret Santa event this year, and look what I got in the mail last week!

I was told that it was going to be late due to the international location, but the parcel arrived just on time, early even! Perhaps they are more efficient this year. :) Although it was not Christmas yet, but I have the compulsive mail-opening-on-arrival disorder, and opened it on the spot. Sorry secret santa!!

Do you know that it takes massive amount of patience just to take these photos before I open them? Yes, I'm that excited to find out what is it. One more layer of packaging underneath, and doesn't this look so cute? :) Finally, after snapping this photo I proceeded to rip it open.

And look what I got!

TEA!!! I GOT TEA!!!! Thank you soooo much to Darcy from Splurge for getting these for me! She was my lovely secret santa! I mentioned that I loooove tea and I also made a wishlist some time ago. So she got me these lovely and oh-so-fragrant tea from The Hedgerow, which also happens to be a teamie of Curation Nation.

I haven't tried the tea yet though, I'm still waiting for my tea infuser to arrive. I had been looking for one since last month. You know... the ball with a chain type? But I couldn't find any in local tea shops or supermarkets. So I decided to get one online instead since my loose tea leaf collection is growing. (I got some loose tea leaves from another friend a while ago too) For now, I'll just settle with sniffing while I wait. The smell of these tea leaves are soooo strong and enticing!

Thank you again Darcy so so so so much!! Love Curation Nation!!


splurge said...

Mmmm, I'mm sure that tea will be yummy! It was fun to be Santa, if only for a day. Thanks to Rachel and Happy Holidays Alex! Your Canadian teammie, Darcy

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