Sunday, February 5, 2012

Around the World - Israel - lonkoosh

Now that we're done with the whole African continent, let's target a country nearby. Israel is a natural pick, as I've seen some fantastic shops from Israel before. But what I did not expect is the amount of fabulous shops that are based in Israel!! I can easily find 15 great shops in one search. But after looking through and much careful picking, I finally nailed down to 10... yes I know that is still a huge list, but I cannot or couldn't drop anymore shops from the list. They are just that good!

Too bad there are some disputes between Malaysia's and Israel's foreign relations, as I don't think I can ship things to Israel nor ship things from Israel, at least not going through the national post company.

Anyways, without further ado, here is the first fabulous shop from Israel!

My breath was taken away when I first laid eyes on lonkoosh's jewelry. When I regained my breath, I took my own sweet time to enjoy every little detail and loving care that Alona put into her beautiful art pieces. The delicate arrangement and the color choices are just so exquisite. Every bangle, hairband and comb is a unique artwork on it's own. If you love unique, romantic, shabby chic jewelry with a vintage flair, you should definitely check out this fantastic shop!


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