Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Fox and The Mouse Wedding Video

Hello fellow readers. I'm so terribly sorry for the sporadic updates the past week or so, full time work had been chaotic and at the same time we were preparing for a close friend's wedding on Tuesday, 21st February. (21022012, get it?) It was my first time being a bridesmaid and being the inexperienced bunch, it was chaos for us when it came to wedding planning. What with bridal showers, schedules to settle, hair and make-up appointments etc, it was just unbelievable busy! And in between all that, I had a single weekend to finish a super secret video presentation for the lovely couple, to show during their dinner as a surprise!

Since it's super cute, I thought I'd share it with you here too :D

I did the entire video production, from the animation to the music editing. Some of my dear friends (who are credited in the description) did the story planning and the wonderful art. The two animals - the fox and the mouse, are the mascots representing the happy couple. I'm so proud of it, I hope that you would enjoy it too. :)

To clarify, my old alias in the anime/manga community is 'Miaow', although I currently use 'Kyou'. And to end this post, have a glimpse of the beautiful bride and the awesome groom. May the both of you live happily ever after!


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