Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines!

Love Spell Fine Art Photo - GoldenSection

Happy Valentines to the loving couples out there! Happy Single Awareness Day to all singles! And Happy Tuesday to everyone else. For me, it is just a regular Tuesday because I do not have a boy, and I am feeling a little on the downside because I have a painful mouth ulcer/canker sore right behind my upper lip. So even if I have a boy, I would not feel like kissing. ;)

But what if I do have a boy? What would I want for Valentines? Hmm... good question. Let's play pretend!

Hot Chocolate on a Stick - theticketkitchen // Valentines Day Hearts with Flowers - WhippleToppers

Mmm, yummy desserts is always a great way to a lady's heart. (unless your lady is dieting, then avoid this at all cost!!)

Rose and Lavender Bath Bombs - HerbivoreBotanicals // Valentines Soap - SakuraBathAndBody

Wouldn't it fun to enjoy these bath bombs or soap together? ;)

Secret Lover's Hollow Personalized Tree Stump - SixAstray // Secret Message Bottle - BeautySpot

Personally, I think the sweetest gifts are those with thought given into them. Unique tree stump with a personalized message or even a little bottle with a lovely handwritten message would be so lovely too. I don't need a fancy dinner or fabulous flower bouquet, just something simple and thoughtful would do. :)

But alas, no Valentines for me this year! I shall spend the day listening to Adele's songs.

Oh yes, the giveaway. I have not forgotten about it! It's closed now and winners will be announced soon. I'm just so super busy this week it's just crazy!!


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