Wednesday, June 5, 2013

New Photos of Patches!

I figured out a new way of taking kitty photos on my own - by holding a feather stick toy in my hand with the camera so she'll look up instead of at me. :D Featured in the photos is Patches, the paralyzed kitty I rescued last year! She is doing very well! A friend of mine gave me these really cute bow tie collars during Christmas last year, and it looks cute on her. The photo above was actually accidental, she ducked down to pounce up at the feather stick with her two front legs.

Her back legs are still paralyzed, and I don't think she'll ever walk again on all fours. But she seems fine with it, though at times I also think she's jealous of my other cat who jumps around a lot. Her front legs are strong and muscular like none other, and she's super playful and rough when she's playing.


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