Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Great Wall of China

A visit to China would be incomplete without a visit to the Great Wall of China! The Great Wall is huuuge and there are many towers/stations. We went to the Juyongguan (Juyong Pass) section of the wall, where there aren't any elevators to bring you up haha. We had to climb those stairs on the left there to get up. It LOOKS easy, but it's surprisingly difficult to get up. I only managed to get up to the first tower there on the left, (at the top of the stairs) as with 80% of the tour group lol. Only my youngest brother and another gym nut were able to get pass the first tower and to the fourth, you can see the tip of it riiiiight at the upper right corner there behind the hill.

Here are more photos from the first tower!

And I end this post with a cute kitty at the Great Wall. She has the cutest little ears and she keep squinting because the wind was very strong that day.


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