Friday, June 21, 2013

Some of my Favorite Brooches

Ever since I lost my brooch by leaving it behind two years ago in San Francisco, I had been looking for the perfect brooch to replace it. My red coat collar looked sad and empty without one. Unfortunately that seller I bought from at Renegade Craft Fair does not sell online, if she does I just can't find her even through Google. So I thought hey, it would be fun to get a brooch on Etsy! And here are some of my favorites that I found.

First up, are wooden/laser cut brooches! Like the one I lost. (twas a very cool looking space gun)

Geometric Deer Brooch - SketchInc // Wooden Keyboard Brooch - bRainbowshop
Constellation Brooch with Ursa Major - TheTwentyFingers // Vintage Combi Brooch - SconnieAndJam

Next up, nerdy brooches! I'm a nerd and I cannot lie. Also, Game of Thrones is pretty awesome. I would have gotten the Night's Watch brooch if only my coat is black. Unfortunately I do not own a black coat.

The Night's Watch Game of Thrones Brooch - kateslittlestore // Blue Polymer Clay Brooch - madamaRobe
Hand of the King Wooden Brooch - Chuddywinks // Retro Robot Wooden Brooch - ladybirdlikes

And last but not least. Every other pretty brooches that I like that don't belong to the two above categories!

Mushroom Cat Polymer Clay Brooch - catmadecom // Miniature Kitty Brooch Pin - MountRoyalMint
Friendly Narwhal Porcelain Brooch - LilaRubyKingShop // Embroidered Fiber Brooch - SewSweetStitches


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