Thursday, March 25, 2010

Only a month away!

Long ago, someone suggested that we should keep a wishlist or something online so they would know what to get for their birthdays, this would make gift choosing much easier for the gifter. (Yes, I'm looking at you Lina!!) Since my birthday is less than a month away, guess what I'm going to do? Hah! Shamelessly list down the things I want, surely!

But of course, whether anyone wants to get me anything is still unknown. Although one could hope~ *dreams* Unfortunately... the items I'm going to list are mostly from Etsy! I swear that place is addictive!

OMG!! Nothing can express my glee when I laid eyes upon this adorable wallet! My wallet is still fine and dandy but it clashes horribly with my flower-adorned bag. Since I got my wallet in my wannabe-punk era. But just look at it! It has lace and polka dots and is a cute shade of baby blue! It's soooooo cute!! Here's the link to it's Etsy listing~

I actually stumbled upon this ring when I'm looking for art inspirations. I'm not big on rings but I think this is very pretty and neat! I can't explain why but I just really like it! Either silver or brass is fine although I'm leaning towards the brass one! Link to it's Etsy listing~

Although I am not big on rings, but you can rest assure I'm huuuuuge on bracelets! And this seller, omg this seller makes some of the nicest 'chunky' bracelets! I can't help but find the bees stuck in the beads so damn adorable. It's like they flew blindly into the honey and got stuck there. (I get amused by the strangest things) Actually, I can't choose which is my favourite from this seller, her bracelets are just so amazing! I already got one from her but I don't mind more!! Here is the Etsy listing for this bracelet~ Although I like this, and this, and this, and also this~~~

Finally, something a bit more practical. (but still cute!) I'm going to print my own business cards for Skyejuice Design, and I will need a card holder to hold my business cards. I know I could get a metallic one from inQbox, but those are so manly and unattractive. This one however, is just so adorable! It is cover in plastic as well so it's (mostly) waterproof, just in case my water bottle decide to leak in my bag... which is what happened earlier today... Link to the Etsy listing~

Aside from those listed above, I don't mind getting beading supplies as well. Lately I've been trying to look for frosted glass beads, but to no success. (Kimmsmith uses those a lot in her bracelets, can see from the honey bee bracelet above) Pea found another beading supply shop last weekend, so I'm going to go check it out with her to see if I could find these there.

Ultimately you could buy something from my Etsy store, that would make me very happy as well! Even if you don't get me anything, it is enough for me if you so much as considered about it. Thank you guys in advance ♥

ps: E-mail me if you need my address *wink*


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