Thursday, March 18, 2010

Some art to start this off

I've been wanting to start an art blog of sorts in a while, but I never had a reason or got around to. But now that I want to try and establish Skyejuice Design as something (what, I had yet to know) I figured that this is a right time to start one.

I will be posting my digital art, logo designs, (I did that cute logo with the bird on the moon up there on the header!) accessory designs and photographies on occasion here, and perhaps little tidbits of my life; as I don't want to strictly keep this work-related.

A commission I did for someone on DeviantArt! I had a short artblock when I was trying to decide what to put on him, so in the end I decided to just not put anything on him, and it worked out well! The commissioner loves him!

A quick sketch I did for a friend of mine, this is her original character Zeke. He has bright lime green and black hair (although it is only a black and white sketch here) and it was a lot of fun to draw!! :D


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Shanu Verma said...

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