Saturday, March 20, 2010

Book Blings

Just recently I got into making shiny stationaries and jewelry! Never in my life would I imagine myself to become so girly, but fact is, here I am playing with pretty beads and shiny charms. The world is truly a mysterious place.

I think the thing that triggered this interest is probably the hooked bookmark like the one in the picture above. I never knew their existence until recently, and personally... I find it such a genius of a creation! At least until I found out that they are semi-common haha. And thus, that marks Alex's fall down into the shiny rabbit hole.

However, the bookmarks will just remain unused the more I make them. Since I'm not a big book reader myself, I probably only need one lol. So I decided to put them online to sell, perhaps start an Etsy shop even, make some money on the side with them. I don't know how successful I will be, but hey, I won't know until I try right? So please bear with me as I pimp out my works. :D

♦ All bookmarks are a flat price of $12.00, including shipment!
♦ Item will be shipped via registered air mail. ♦
♦ Shipment usually takes 10-14 days. ♦
♦ E-mail me at for orders! ♦

Or you could also visit my Etsy Store!! ♥

Title : Pearls Of The Sea
Status : Sold

Title : Heart Of Gold
Status : Sold

Title : Spring Dew
Status : Sold

Title : Watcher Of The Forest
Status : Sold

Title : The Biggest Haul
Status : Available

Phone charms and earrings next? :D I want to make bracelets too, but I don't have toggles at the moment (and I so hate bracelets with lobster clasps) so that will have to wait. I need to take better pictures of my earrings. :(


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