Sunday, July 4, 2010


Been feeling rather sickly throughout the weekend, migraine from the heat on Friday and Saturday nights. I tried to drink more water and stay cool for the entire day on Sunday and today, but my head still feels groggy and heavy, probably from the heavy doses of the medicine.

But somehow I still managed to put this thing together! Went to Ikea on Saturday and bought this drawer unit, my room is in desperate need for a spring cleaning and organizing since my brother is coming back in mid July.

Work in progress... these are the boards on both sides, still in the midst of unpacking.

And ta-dah! I am done in an hour! My youngest brother only helped with screwing on the handles for individual drawers, the rest I did myself without anyone's help. I feel really accomplished and proud! Now the drawers had been filled with my finished pieces, all labeled accordingly and organized properly.

One of the reasons I needed the drawer unit so urgently was because I ran out of storage space. Which resulted in clutter on my desk which made crafting very difficult, but somehow I still managed to make 7 pieces last week, it was a miracle.

Title : Black Heart
Price : USD18.00

Title : Fish Bait
Price : USD16.00

Title : Blue Bells
Price : USD18.00

Title : Shades of The Night
Price : USD23.00

Title : Azalea
Price : USD23.00

Title : Raisins
Price : USD21.00

Title : Ginger Malt
Price : USD21.00

I originally wanted to make a cream-colored bracelet, but somehow I just couldn't help myself but add a dash of light brown in it. I can't make nude, plain colored bracelets??!

Personally I am quite happy with the items I made this week. Especially the Shades of the Night bracelet. Going to make one for myself later as well. :)

On a semi-related note on organizing... I want the furnitures in this video... quite badly! Homigosh it would totally rock if I had that desk-bed thing, since my room is too small to fit another desk. But I have a feeling these furnitures cost a BOMB! And too bad they are based in New York, Malaysia always miss the good stuff :(


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