Monday, July 19, 2010

Sick But Still Working

Being sick sucks... I've been sick since Saturday night with fever and gastric. I know fever is a bitch, but the bigger bitch is actually gastric, I couldn't have two worse sicknesses at once. With fever I actually need a lot of rest and sleep, but that is what gastric is preventing me from doing - sleep. Seriously you can't sleep properly with it raging in your stomach. I had to wake up for midnight snacks in the last two days. :( I'm feeling better now without a fever but still have a bit of gastric... here's to a speedy recovery so I can eat normally again!

Okay, enough of me venting about my sickness woes, I finally managed to take photos today because I was too weak yesterday. *still kinda weak though*

I only have one more piece for the Flowers Of The World collection this week.

Title : Orange Calla Lily
Price : USD19.00

Title : Metallic Black
Price : USD18.00

Title : Bumble Bee
Price : USD21.00

Title : Rainforest
Price : USD21.00

Title : Noel
Price : USD21.00

Title : Grape Harvest
Price : USD21.00

Title : Sixties Pop
Price : USD21.00

The Sixties Pop bracelet was actually inspired by a building I saw the other day, talk about random inspirations! Don't forget that the Christmas in July sale is still going on in the Skyejuice Etsy shop ;) It only lasts till the end of the month!


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