Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Weekly Word Picks - Balloon

I had a sudden urge to play video games today. Since I started my Etsy shop I barely touched my Xbox360 nor my PC games at all. I guess the gamer girl is still alive and inside of me, itching to get out. I've been feeling a little burnt out and inspiration-dry from crafting lately as well, so I guess it is about time I have a little break. Will try and allocate some time for gaming this weekend :)

It is Tuesday and time for the Weekly Word Picks feature. I asked another friend of mine for a random word and she suggested...


Which turned out really fun items!

For the complete Treasury, please follow this link : Balloon

I invoked a little Parisian romantic flare to it, and a little bit of vintage. I had a lot of fun picking these :) So what should next week's word be? Suggest by posting a comment below!


Anna Airport said...

Thank you so much for including my cards in this gorgeous collection! I look forward to reading your blog. :) XO, Anna

Hazel said...

Thank you for including my print in your treasury - it's a great idea making a treasury around a word like that! Here's a suggestion for next week's word... 'secret'. :)

Alex Kam said...

Thank you for visiting my blog Anna, and leaving a comment :)

Hazel, your suggestion is accepted, next week's word will be 'secret' then. This should be interesting :D

M. N. Navarro said...

hello alex, i am officially one of your followers :D and i can't wait to see what you come up with for the word "secret"



thanks again for making our Bianca Balloon Skirt get noticed. we love your treasury, Alex!



Studio Of Mae said...

Gorgeous Treasury!!! Love it.

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