Sunday, July 11, 2010

New Facebook Page

I finally got off my lazy ass and made a Facebook fanpage! Reason being - after trying, I still couldn't 'get' Twitter. I'm not saying I'm ditching my Twitter account lol, just maybe won't rely on it so much for promotions and stuff. I'm an avid Facebook user myself, (addicted to the games LOL) so I decided, the heck I should just try it out and see if it's more fun that way. I'm thinking of having FB-fan promotions and monthly giveaways for my fans, we'll see. :) Please like me so I can have a custom url soon too! Thank you oh so very much~

Don't forget the upcoming Christmas in July sales too! It's coming soon and I hope I'm prepared for it. Eek!

Anyways, I really liked the Blue Bells earrings I made last week. And so I finally decided to make it into a featured product line for the shop. Here are a few color variations that I made.

Title : Hibiscus
Price : USD18.00

Title : Bells of Ireland
Price : USD18.00

Title : Morning Glory
Price : USD18.00

Title : Buttercup Flower
Price : USD18.00

Title : Orange Vireya
Price : USD18.00

Of course, all of their names are based on real flowers. :) Hibiscus was easy, what with it being Malaysia's national flower and me drawing it constantly for artwork competitions when I was little. I am particularly fond of the Bells of Ireland earrings though! Thinking of mixing in more colors for future pieces.

I only made 2 bracelets this week, couldn't concentrate with my dizzy spells so can't spend long amounts of time on them, had to take a few breaks.

Title : Neopolitan Ice Cream
Price : USD21.00

Title : Primary Colors
Price : USD21.00

Pretty straightforward concepts, the Primary Colors one really reminded me of carnivals or circus!

I attended a Shop Critique virtual lab session on Friday morning, (should be Thursday evening/night for the Americans) and I asked about my pricing concerns, since a handful of people had told me that I am underpriced in the forums in last week alone. Although I missed the majority of my critique... :| (I was not in the room at that time, had to be away for a bit and thought they would check if I am there or not before they start) I felt quite bummed, only heard the last 1 minute of the critique. Oh wells. Anyways, the conclusion is... instead of raising the prices for the items, I had decided that I should omit free shipping altogether. BUT... not this month. I will be offering free shipping for the entire period of July for the Christmas in July sales, but after that a shipping price will be implemented.

So it is now or never!


cookievf said...

love these, esp orange! light and airy.. what a pretty design. Am making something very similar using cone shaped "bead cap."
- vicki

Anonymous said...

OMG I love primary colours! I was just about to recommend a colour scheme of something like cream/teal/red! :D

And oh my, no more free shipping after July? Now's my chance then! XD

Alex Kam said...

Ooooh cream/teal/red sounds like an interesting color scheme, thanks for the suggestion! :) I will try and see if I can matching colors.

Yeah, it you want free shipping, this month is your chance! ;)

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