Friday, September 2, 2011


Black Veiled Mini Top Hat - Orphelia // Vintage Navy Blue Gloves - VintageEyeFashion
Black Coffin Greeting Card - HerDarkHalf // Today's Meditation - couragemylove
Pyramid Post Earrings - tinygalaxies // Black Milk Mixed Media Reconstruction Artwork - ingridArtStudio

To view the full treasury : Helena

Today's collection was inspired by one of my favorite songs of all time - Helena by My Chemical Romance! I still remember the first time I saw that MV on TV, I just could not pull my eyes away. The choreograph was just simply mind blowing, the energy so pure, and the song was so addictive! I went to get the song immediately afterwards, and had been a big fan of My Chemical Romance since then. :D My favorite album is still Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge though, with Danger Days coming close. Surprisingly not too fond of The Black Parade.


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