Sunday, September 25, 2011

Meet Mr Daruma

Meet Mr Daruma, one of the family members of little dolls and sculptures on my display shelf. He was born blind, but with my pen I gave him one eye so he could see. He loves to perch up high above something, so he could see far and wide with his one good eye.

You might recognize the Daruma doll from Japanese cultures, a dear friend of mine got this for me during her trip to Japan in a temple. Daruma dolls are considered as a symbol or perseverance and good luck, and are usually used as motivators and goal setting. The receiver of the doll will set a goal to achieve while they draw in one eye, and when the goal is achieved, they would draw in the other, completing the Daruma.

So... what is my goal? You wonder? 1000 sales on in my Etsy shop Skyejuice. :) One day, Mr Daruma, one day you will have both eyes. I must persevere!!


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