Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Meet Mr Bear from LePetitCirque

Meet Mr Bear!

Bear thought he looked rather dashing today. He was especially proud of his silver buckles. He stopped by a balloon man and chose the biggest, reddest balloon. The trees had begun to shed their leaves for winter and Bear hurried along. He hoped that when she saw the balloon, she would forgive him. He really hadn’t meant to break her doll.

Excerpt taken from LePetitCirque.

I couldn't resist the dashing-ness of Bear and bought him from LePetitCirque quite recently. He is just too adorable in his green trousers and yellow suspenders, holding his big red balloon. And so well made too!

Unfortunately, Lissa's shop is on vacation right now as she is expecting a baby very very soon. :D I'm lucky to have gotten Bear before he was sold, because who knows when she will start making again? (hopefully she does in the near future though!)

Now I have a new family member on my little shelf. I am contemplating introducing the rest of the family members one by one on the blog, what do you think?


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