Friday, September 16, 2011

My Milk Toof

If you had not heard about My Milk Toof before, you are sorely missing out.

My Milk Toof is kind of like a webcomic, but only in photography format. It tells the story about two milk tooths (or better knows as baby teeth) that returned to their owner. At first, you may find it odd. (like how I did in the beginning) The two characters just looked really strange, but Ickle and Lardee really do grow on you quickly if you continue reading.

There is a certain charm to the way the story was told, it's very simple, and totally adorable. :) It is like reading a children's storybook, only that it's suitable for adults too. And gosh, the attention to detail in ALL the photographs, the mini props, the composition and just... EVERYTHING! Is so amazing!! It's even more amazing that the photographer made all the props herself. :D

If you are interested to read more, just pop onto her blog to read about Ickle and Lardee's adventures. She also have some work in progress photos and videos there. You can also find her photographs on her flickr, and if you are interested to buy her merchandises, you can check out her shop too.

The best yet! My Milk Toof is already printed in a book! :) I had went through it, and it is amazing! Not only was it a fun and relaxing read, it would be wonderful to be told as children's bedside story too.


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