Saturday, April 24, 2010

New Art and Experiments

New art I did for one of my long term projects [Lab 305]. (5 years and counting!) Her design is based on a black widow spider. The entire composition/pose of the character was based on the sole idea of showing the red hourglass mark on her back, and then I just grow from there. The head piece came out better than I thought! Although, I think I should draw more since I'm way behind on my work list! Eeeek!

And I had been fooling around with the photos for my jewelry for a bit. Trying some new techniques inspired by the amazing SeaUnicorn!! Trying to see if I can create a cohesive photo collection, like... ways to make all of my photos look more coherent? Like it is a collection or something. (am I making sense? Lol)

So below is some of the edits I did for my old photos, please do tell which one you prefer, and your opinion on whether I should change or not.

Your feedbacks would be much appreciated!


Angeline said...

I actually like your original photos better. The color tint might mislead people about the original color of your products. I think it works better for SeaUnicorn because their stuff is kinda vintage and not as colorful as yours.

Ah Yng said...

I like the old style, maybe it's just my browser, the color of new ones seems a little washed out and didn't add much effect... Maybe because your backgrounds are mostly white?

Try to bump the effect more? Or stay with the old style, that already brings out the color quite nice. <3

Alex Kam said...

I say I have to agree, my jewelry are far more colorful than SeaUnicorn's, so maybe not too much edits would work better. I should just stop fussing over my photos XDD

HooLi said...

I prefer to focus on keeping the colours close to what the piece is like irl.. just being practical hoho.

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