Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Creative Jewelry Displays

KL Design Week 2010 is just around the corner. Although I'm not going to the conference this year (they raised the ticket price like WHOA!) but I will be paying a visit to the exhibitions in Capsquare KL this weekend. :D To commemorate the event, I decided to post up some of the more unique jewelry displays I saw in KLDW 2009.

The ones below are all from the same displayer, I must say that their displays totally outshone their products, you could barely notice the chains and necklaces displaying on them. But hey, at least they were show-stoppers! I'm sure some more creative peeps could run away with the ideas and improve them for craft fairs and such. :)

Branches. Looks like they staked a pole through a bamboo and then stuck branches on it.

Hollow log with nails pointing outward. This one is potentially dangerous!

Personally, this one is my favourite. A bonsai growing out of a bullet box!

This one is just part of a standee, although I think it is quite cool. Recycled hard disks.

The two above are quite unique as well, very interesting shapes.

And last but not least, one that is completely unrelated to jewelry ahaha. But this is one of the best photos I took, not to mention the display is very interesting as well.

I forgot what were the shops/companies for the displays, I shall find out later and then I will update this post with links. :D

Edit 1: The last display was from Oh & Ah! Stands for OrangHutan & ArangHitam (translation: Jungle men & Black coal lol) Check out their blog for more unique and cute stuff!

Can't wait till the weekend! I will be sure to take more photos this time as well.


Ah Yng said...

I remembered you posted a photo of a big animal shaped thing too, and it has small little plastic animals climbing on it! :D

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