Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Shoe Craze

OMG!! These Cork Wedge Sandals from Chloe are just TOO CUTE!! I just can't help but gush over them and desperately went to the Chloe website to look for them when I first laid eyes on them on a blog. But the price tag... just breaks my heart. T_T I guess we were never meant to be~

I am a giant wedge fiend! For some reason, I just prefer them over heels. (Maybe because I haven't 'mastered' wedges yet, let alone heels) I currently only own 3 pairs of wedges, and 1 pair of silver heels, trying to curb that shoe-shopping urge mind you. Or else I'll have a new pair of shoes every month! The key is to not go shopping... at all! (or don't go into shoe stores at least) I try to wait until a pair fall apart before I buy new ones. Below are two of the most recent shoes I bought :)

This is one of my favourite shoes now! I love that it has a second strap in the middle, very comfortable to wear and looks cute to boot. The canvas insole has it's pros and cons, it can rub you the wrong way sometimes and it stains easily, very difficult to clean. Otherwise I loooove them! Vern's has some very affordable and cute shoes :)

This pair I bought earlier in February for Chinese New Year. Red is suitable for Chinese New Year right? There is actually a navy blue version that I initially wanted, but they sold out for my size. (can you tell I love sailor-themed shoes?) I have tiny feet. The red one is still cute though! So I'm not complaining. :)


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