Monday, May 3, 2010

New Experiments

Sorry for the delay, but here are the stuff I made last week. Some of these are not in my Etsy shop yet because I want to post one listing per day. I heard that this helps gaining more exposure and lure in new buyers :)

Title : Blue Martini
Status : Available
Price : USD23.00

This can be considered a 'branch out' from the Fruity Popsicle bracelet I made last week. This one reminded me of cocktail drinks, you know the blue colored ones with lemon garnishing? They are called blue martinis, I think? Sorry I don't know alcoholic drink names too well, I've only been to a pub like... once lol!

Title : Caramel Chocolate
Status : Sold!
Price : USD20.00

This one was a surprise for me, I just wanted to make something brown. And the bracelet sold within the first 24 hours I listed it on Etsy! Wow. o_o

Title : Chocolate Banana
Status : Available
Price : USD23.00

Another brown bracelet. Sometime last week I had a banana after lunch, and I walked past the bakery downstairs from my office that sells chocolate banana cake, and that's when inspiration strike! I have banana polymer clay beads, it will be perfect for a bracelet with this theme :D

Title : Dreamscape
Status : Available
Price : USD23.00

I just wanted to make something pretty with the colors blue and purple :)

I made these for a close friend's birthday! Aren't these cute? The dark round bead is actually a blue sandstone and it glitters subtly. Very pretty :D

Title : Very Berry Pink
Status : Available
Price : USD12.00

Experimenting on different cluster technique.

Title : Dream Garden
Status : Available
Price : USD??.00

New experimental pearl cluster necklace. This took me forever for some unknown reason, I guess it is because I never made necklaces before and I'm pretty clueless about necklace trends. (still need more research!) This necklace is pretty chunky and weighty, it's about the length of statement necklaces. I need to take pictures of it hanging off something... hmm. I'm not sure how to price it yet, need to do research on that too lol.

So just for research purposes, what kind of necklaces do you wear? Long ones? Chunky ones? Or just a plain necklace + pendant combo?

On a semi-related note, I ran out of ball-headed pins in the weekend. Currently I only have enough to make one more bracelet. I burnt through 1500 pins... just like that! Waiting for new supplies to arrive, hopefully will be able to get them sometime within the week. :(


ravenskar said...

oh, you use such gorgeous colour combinations. i LOVE the brown bracelet, no wonder it was sold so quickly. it's an extremely wearable colour, too. i also really like the chocolate banana one.

and hoorayy! you did a necklace! :D it looks wonderful! you should do more, you're good at it.

in response to your questions, the necklaces i wear usually fall into one of two categories:
1. really long chains with a cluster or a unique pendant at the end, usually in simple silver or brassy gold.

2. 'statement' necklaces that are worn closer to the neck, around the collarbone. i love the chunky-styled ones, too, they look great with a simple single-coloured dress.

i tend to avoid really girly/cutesy sort of designs (like flowers, bows, cute sort of pendants, fruity things, etc). but that's just my personal style.

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