Thursday, May 6, 2010

Feature - Sucre & Cannelle

Aside from posting about me, myself, and my work, I also want to try and feature some other artists/sellers that have amazing work too! And today my feature is Sucre et Cannelle from Paris.

Her items are just so lovely and charming, her photos exudes a feeling of enchantment and romanticism. It just feels so... Paris! She JUST started her shop on Etsy and she's already have 9 sales in a week! I think she's headed for big things in the future. :) Check out her items that I so love!

But here's more, she's also holding a shop opening give away on her blog, where you stand a chance to win the following stash of goodies from her.

You could click on the image above or follow this link to her giveaway! :)

That's all for today, I'll feature more people when I have the chance. Am thinking of doing a weekly feature too since there are just too many amazing artists on Etsy in so many different ranges! But in a different format... I shall reveal more in the future :D


Chani said...

Dear Alex, how nice of you to feature my shop on your blog, thank you very much!! I feel so flattered when I read your nice words!
All the best to you,

Alex Kam said...

Hello Chani,
It's my pleasure! It was by chance that I stumble upon your thread in the Etsy forums yesterday, your products are just breathtakingly beautiful :)

Good luck to you too!

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