Saturday, May 29, 2010

Creative Craft Fair Decos - Pipit

I love long weekends! I get to hermit up at home and craft craft craft! So far I had created enough items for a total of 11 listings, and I'm probably going to make 1 or 2 more tomorrow. When motivation and inspiration hits, you really can't stop crafting!

But this post is not going to be about the items I made, it is actually the report about Pipit Wonderful Market 4 that I keep putting back to submit lol. I blame it all on my lazyness!

Pipit Wonderful Market is a local craft fair for handmade goods. It was held two weeks ago (I'm very late in posting this I know) and it was a rather inspiring event.

It was held in Annexe Gallery this time, and to tell the truth, the place is REALLY CRAMPED!! It's just on one long hallway as you can see in the photo above. There was another exhibition in the other hallway, I guess that's why there's only one. A few booth owners actually had to share booths. Because of the amount of human in the vicinity as well, it was difficult to take good photos of the booths. I tried my best, but please forgive me if my photos weren't very good.

Yue Jun Mei of Beanipets. This booth wins the best deco IMO! I don't know how, but she actually moved a bed to the hall to put her super adorable pillows plush on. Impressive! I had always adored her plush pillows, I might just buy one for myself in the future :D

I find this badges display on egg cartons very creative. It adds a unique touch to the badges themselves. Plus it's free! Good way to reuse trash.

I don't know if this was actually allowed lol, but I found this doodle on the wall very cute. Attracts attention and people would come to your booth. Although I hope they managed to rub them off later hahaha.

This booth display for prints is very nice as well. Clean, attractive and clever. I like their name card display too by the plant, very professional looking. Although I assume the name cards were all taken hahaha.

Interesting use of levels in this doll booth display. The smaller dolls in the basket is a nice touch.

Simple and clean display, I like the fact that they grouped their badges collection together on doilies. I always loved doilies!

I like the name card display of this booth too. But I assume they ran out as well, or forgot to restock. You can see on the top left corner is another wooden tray that was used to display small plushies. Very cute, looked like they were left in an 'adopt me' card box.

Another way to display badges, just pin them on a pillow! (or a bag filled with... pillow stuffings I assume in this case, hahaha)

Best way to display magnets yet! People were free to pull them off and sticking them on again. I was so tempted to get one magnet for myself.

Just look how delicious they are! But I was already quite broke then (and even more broke now!!) so I'm actually thankful I didn't buy anything in the wonderful market.

I like this display for photo prints as well. Very free-formed and perfect for nature shots.

Another display that made good use of the wall space, since floor space was so limited! I really like this too, people were free to touch and feel. Although they probably won't dare to take them off the wall hahaha.

I really like this display too! So creative! I never thought of using cross stitching cloth for jewelry display before. They are perfect with holes in them, good for hanging earrings and if steady enough, can hang bracelets too. So clever!

And that's it for craft fair displays. The next craft fair would be Urbanscape next month, but I'm not sure if I will be going. Since the venue is a little difficult for me to get to, not to mention I have no idea where it is! It's still too early for me to join craft fairs I think, I still need a bigger inventory first. Yosh! I just need to continue crafting, crafting, and more crafting!


Salameander said...

Thanks for sharing these great photos - craft fair displays are always so fascinating! It's a bit of a pity that we don't get to have outdoor ones too often because of our weather, unlike what Etsy always showcases in their articles.

Alex Kam said...

Actually we do! :O They're not so much craft fairs but bazaars I guess, The Curve there has one every week. Handmade Craft Fairs are still somewhat rare in Malaysia, but surely we're growing slowly and before you know it, maybe Pipit or Arts for Grabs will be able to rent bigger halls in the future :D

Alex Kam said...

Congrats on the baby boy Reuben btw!!

Salameander said...

Aik I hadn't visited this post since I commented, till you posted the link up on the Etsy thread again. :p Thanks Alex, we're doing really well!

Have you any idea how much the stall rentals are for the Curve's craft fair? Actually I thought it was a flea market thing, not so much a showcase of handmade goods. When I was working the bazaar scene I heard from other vendors that the management for the Curve's flea market was a pretty nasty fellow and you had to commit to a contract period of either 6 months or 1 year... can't remember which.

But yes - here's to the handmade craft fair scene growing healthily in Malaysia!

Alex Kam said...

Yeah it's a flea market bazaar thing in The Curve but I saw some neat handmade items there. There's a stall I like that sells handmade clothes, they are very nice too! And there's another stall that sells leather pouches and accessories, pricey but nice!

But I didn't know about the management or the contract period though. It's difficult to find this type of info online x_x;;

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