Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Weekly Word Picks - Courageous

I had this idea for a while now and finally got myself off my lazy bum and actually DO it! No use with only the idea swimming in my head, no one but only me could see it. So here it is~ I want to do a weekly feature of items on Etsy by searching for a random keyword.

The word can be anything at all, chopsticks, panda, danger, or even something abstract like confusion. I will then type in this keyword in the Etsy search bar and attempt to build a complete cohesive Treasury with the items that showed up from the search. This is to challenge myself as well as featuring some awesome artists on Etsy! And who knows, I might find some awesome new artists to stalk, teehee.

But there is a catch, I will not be the one picking the keywords. I like to accept challenges, so I am letting my blog readers or friends pick them! If you want me to find and feature your item in my blog, suggest a keyword where I could find you :)

So enough talk, down to the feature! Because this is my first week doing this, I had asked one of my close friends to suggest a random word without telling her what it is for, and she suggested...


For the complete Treasury, please follow this link : Courageous

So what's the next keyword for next week?


Snowcatcher said...

What a cool idea! I hope you are able to keep it going. This would be a fun thing to keep coming back to visit. What a great way to find undiscovered pearls!

Alex Kam said...

Why thank you! I will definitely try my best to update every week :D

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