Sunday, May 9, 2010

Wire Wrapped Jewelry

I went for a wire wrapped jewelry making class in the weekend. The trip to the location was perilous and confusing to say the least. What was intended to be a solo quest turned into a group party when my mom and younger brother decided to tag along when I told them there was a shopping mall nearby. So together, we got lost for 30 minutes in Wangsa Maju, driving round and round, encountering traffic light after traffic light, hitting dead ends and made a few U-turns. (illegal or not)

I was 30 minutes late for the class.

But thankfully the class haven't really started, the kind and charismatic Mastura from Whimsical n Quirky of which was my teacher of the day quickly briefed me through the basics and we started crafting.

First project of the day, a pearl cuff bracelet! :D It looks so dainty and cute. I gave this to my mom for mother's day. She likes it! Thankfully it was able to fit her wrist nicely.

This was the 2nd project, which was the bane of my existence. Doing the outer layer was still fine and dandy, it was rather fun actually. But when it comes to the cobweb in the middle, ooooh it is trying my patience most definitely! We only managed to finish one piece during the class, I was so sure I am going to make it into a pendant, but then... I don't know what got into me and I made the other side the next day. Still unsure what to do with them at the moment, since I don't really wear earrings. I'll figure out something soon enough.

And the following would be my creations for last week. Despite I was busy for 3 nights in a row, I somehow managed to make 8 items in total. My friend said I was on a roll, but I don't know what got into me o_o;;

Title : By The Sea
Status : Available
Price : USD15.00

Title : Lure of the Rose
Status : Available
Price : USD15.00

Title : Blue Royalty
Status : Available
Price : USD14.00

Doesn't the blue heart bead looks like it is snuggled against some expensive, high collared clothing?

Title : Red Crowned Angel
Status : Available
Price : USD13.00

These earrings look like they would be perfect for Christmas! And now on to the bracelets :D

Title : Black Tie Event
Status : Available
Price : USD23.00

I had the idea for this for a long time, and I finally had the chance to realize it when I received my stardust silver beads last week. I must say I am very fond of the design :D

Title : Jungle Tree
Status : Available
Price : USD20.00

I just wanted to make something brown and green.

Title : Blue Skies and Daffodils
Status : Available
Price : USD22.00

This was mainly inspired by an article I read on Etsy, something about Etsy latest trends or some sort like that. They mentioned navy blue and yellow. Although the champagne gold color looks more orange than yellow lol, I guess it turned out alright :)

Title : Pink Elephant
Status : Available
Price : USD20.00

Inspired by a treasury that I saw on the front page of Etsy. Who knows pink + grey would look good together? :D


ravenskar said...

The colours are SO BEAUTIFUL. *___* They're all delicious but my favourites would have to be the black tie & jungle tree. Although blue & yellow is such a happy combination.

Btw, how are you researching about necklaces? Are you just browsing to see the trends on Etsy? I would recommend that you have a look to see what's going on the fashion runways, as well as what celebrities might be wearing to special events. It's a good indication of what's popular now, I guess.

M for MYSTICAL said...

WONDERFUL! YOU completed the earrings :)

i hope at the very least you enjoyed the craft session that we had.
Since you dont really wear earrings, i would suggest you turn the cobweb pieces into dangly necklaces. they would look lovely too attached to a short chain with one length shorter than the other like your "lure of the rose" earrings :)

happy crafting alex!



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