Thursday, May 5, 2011

Around The World - Turkey

Turkey mmm delicious turkey~ ....wait! That's the wrong Turkey!

Republic of Turkey, or more widely known as just Turkey by people all around the world, is a neighbor to Greece, as well as 7 other countries. Interesting fact, that Turkey is considered as a Western Asian country while Greece is considered as Eastern Europe, although they are just separated by a border.

Before I started this series, one of the facts I found out on Etsy really intrigued me about Turkey. There are *a lot* of beautiful bag shops on Etsy where the seller hails from Turkey! But when I did a search on Etsy for this post, I found a lot of other similar things that Turkish shops sell as well. Among them are crochet goods - scarves, shrugs and gloves etc. Bath towels! And of course... bags! So let's begin with one of the above shall we?

Ayca is probably one of the most beautiful shops I encountered on Etsy. I mean, just look at her photos and her wares! Ayca makes gorgeous high end knit and crochet goods, and her craftsmanship just looks impeccable. (her photography skills too!) It's just such a pity that there is no use for scarves here in Malaysia, since it is summer weather all year round here. :( Or else I would've gotten that brown rose neckwarmer already!

Do you want to bath in style? Well, with towels from bathstyle, you definitely could! *shot for lame joke* So I learned today that there are a type of towels specifically originated from Turkey that are called peshtamal. I guess you learn something new everyday eh? :) I love how bathstyle presents the peshtamals in different range of colors and styles. What can I say? I love stripes!

One of the reasons that I found out about that particular fact that Turkish people make gorgeous bags, is that I was looking for one at that time, and couldn't help it but notice I keep stumbling into Turkish shops. Starbags is definitely one of them! I had been eyeing that blue striped bag for a very very long while now... What I love most about Starbags is the variety and uniqueness of their bags, as well as the super fun jumping pictures! :D Just makes the whole shop that much more fun and bright. Aside from bags, they make belts too. :)

Renkli Tasarimlar is another really unique bag shop that I found. Her designs and shape are a bit 'harder' than most shops, but at the same time very 'rounded' too.It is what makes them unique I believe. I love that striped messenger bag above! :) That owl bag looks really badass too. You should check them out for more unique and cute bag designs.

Still in the sewing category! Secdus makes some really cute cushion covers. :) I like that there are 3D elements on the cushion covers, like the lovely ribbon and the dress on the mannequin, very shabby chic. I also love the postcard pillow cover, so clever! :D Check out there shop for more variety of vintage and shabby chic inspired pillow covers for your lovely home! Aside from pillow covers, they sell other sewn housewares like place mats and napkins too.

Being fairly new on Etsy, Poplin Homewear have few sales so far, but I foresee them being propelled to stardom in the very near future. It's just a matter of time before people find and fall in love with this lovely shop. They have a great niche (gorgeous sleep and home wear!) and simply beautiful photos! I love love love that balloon nightshirt! Although it is intended for home wear, but I think if worn with some black leggings, it would be wonderful to go out and have a stroll in it too. :)

Aside from having a very memorable name, Star of the East is also a very unique and successful shop. I think I first remembered them from a Quit Your Day Job post on the Etsy blog. I love their sea urchin jewelry and it made me extremely fascinated with the little sea creature for a while back then. Their photography as well as their wares really make their shop stand out from the crowd. And most interesting of all, they make wedding bouquets with sea shells and urchins as well! So if you're planning a beach wedding and needed an appropriate bouquet that you could keep for a long time, look no further. :)

And how could an Around the World post be complete without a photographer's work? I am completely infatuated by Sunshine Art Design's fine art nature photography. Some of her photos look so surreal and almost like it is painted! Such as the photo of the bumble bee above. The close up of the dandelion is one of my favorites too, LOVE that shade of teal. :D There are just so many, so so many talented photographers on Etsy, all over the world!


Star of the East said...

Such a lovely tour!
Thanks so much for featuring both StarBags and StaroftheEast :)

secdus said...

You found really amazing shops.
I feel great to be one of them.
Thank you so much!


Thank you so much for featuring me. I'm glad to be a part of this post.:)

Ayca HOSER said...

Thank you so much for the delightful feature on your wonderful blog!

I'm so happy to be part of it

Love from Istanbul :)

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