Sunday, May 1, 2011

3 Reasons Why There Wasn't Updates Last Week


I was preparing for Crafty Art Market 3!! This is my 4th craft market and 2nd time at Crafty. I must admit that I still feel a little unprepared for craft shows, mainly because my inventory is always low, and that what I sell on Etsy won't ever sell locally (especially the bracelets) so... that limits my inventory even further. However, I do have a bunch of pendant necklaces accumulated that I only sell during craft shows. I don't sell them online yet, but if you saw a design and wanted to get now, shoot me an e-mail and we can work things out. :)

My booth display for Crafty Art Market, my bestest yet I feel. :D The 2 tables were huuuuge! (2x1 meters together) And with past experience... I decided to bring a bunch of display props to make my display more interesting. Everything in and on that 3-tier shelf (which I abducted from my room) was not for sale, lol.


Ginger the cat...

Ginger, looking up at me and wondering what the f*ck is that big black thing in front of my face.

Since her last mange shot last Saturday, she had been suffering from a series of difficulties. Including but not limited to... ataxia, drowsiness, fever, flu, tongue ulcer and lack of appetite. I concluded that ataxia was the only side effect from the Ivermectin shot for her mange treatment, everything else is probably just her and her weaken immune system from her malnourishment.

But she is doing much better now after her visit to the vet again in the middle of the week. :) She is active, loves scratches and doesn't sleep as much anymore. But at the moment she is no longer sleeping in the cat carrier because she got traumatized earlier today when an empty trash can that my dad perched up high fell over it. The carrier door that I perpetually kept open closed during the impact. I think she is not hurt, as she looked normal. If my mom didn't tell me I wouldn't had known that such a thing happened. Ginger is now sleeping under my dad's car on the floor. T.T


I completed a large custom order for 6 sets of bracelet and earrings for a bride-to-be. :)

Earrings for her bridesmaids.

My cluster style bracelets and earrings actually take quite some time to do, and wouldn't be easily completed in a day or two since I have a day job too. So it was quite challenging to ship this out on time. @_@ But I crunched my time in between of kitty care and craft market preparations, and shipped this out on Friday evening, phew~

Hopefully this week will be more relaxed. Because I still feel really exhausted from the Craft Market yesterday. But alas, I have another custom order to rush! However, having business and being is better than none. :) I'll try to stay on track with blog updates this week, wish me luck!


Heather Rae said...

Sounds like a busy week! I love your booth! It's so cute! I have a hard time finding good displays, but yours look great :)

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