Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My First Returned Package

Just look at how tattered it is! Definitely went through quite some wear and tear considering that it traveled the world in one full round. I'm just glad that the envelope is still in one piece!

As I ship via registered mail, my packages will need signatures to be received, either by family members or the recipient themselves. When the package is undelivered the postman will bring it back to the post office. And if not claimed for one month, it will be kicked back to the return address. Which is what happened here.

I already contacted the buyer and she said she did not find any notices. I've heard a lot of stories like these about USPS's services - lazy to go up some stairs to deliver a package, so left notice to neighbor below who probably tossed it. Claimed they left a notice but didn't etc. It's frustrating really, since it probably ended up with a package being kicked back to where it came from and I need to send it again.

So had you had any bad experiences with USPS before? This is your chance to rant. :P


P.C.E said...

I have a similar problem, but this is when i receive mail: for some reason, the mailperson likes to crumple up my mail to put it in the mail slot. How inconvenient and rude, i think :/ but what are you going to do, right? you just have to hope for the best when you send a package.

Alex Kam said...

As in, they fold it in half and instead of dropping it into the slot they stuck it IN the slot? I get that sometimes too, and I'm not sure why either. -_-

Evie's Tool Emporium said...

I feel lucky because in 3 years of selling on Etsy we have only had one package returned. It was an incorrect address on PayPal. Thankfully the package came back in great conditiona and we were able to turn around and mail it back out!

Veganosaurus said...
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Veganosaurus said...

I've also been lucky on this front. In my eight years of online selling, two from within the USA and six from India, I've had only one single package go missing for a while and then returned to me.

When the package came back to me after being missing for so long I was totally shocked. I hadn't expected it to come back! LOL So that was a very pleasant surprise and it made me happy to know that even if packages go gallivanting around the world instead of reaching their destination, they will eventually come back home. :)

Even though most of my packaging material is recycled stuff, I make it a point to cover my packages with transparent packaging tape completely since they need to travel for very long distances. Not the most environmentally friendly thing but definitely a necessity. So it would take a LOT of focused effort for my packages to get tattered. :D

Since you also ship internationally, I highly recommend that you use transparent packaging tape. It's been a real helper!

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