Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekly Word Picks - Vegan

A new week, a new word! Before I begin, I find the need to say that the similarity of this week's pick's color scheme with last week's... was totally coincidental! I guess I am in a 'black' mood lately. ;) Anyways, this week's word was picked by the gracious Susmitha from Art by Susmitha, who was featured in last week's post. Her word of choice is...


For the complete Treasury, please follow this link : Totally Cool and Vegan-Friendly

So what should next week's word be? Suggest by posting in the comments below!

This week's word was chosen by Susmitha from Art by Susmitha.


B said...

Love it all! Thank you! And I definitely have a word pick for next week! How about: BLISS?

Esther said...

Loooove it!!! Thanks for the feature!!!
Come over we are having a spring SALE!!! ;)

Amanda said...

Thank you for including me in this lovely collection!
How about Dreamy, I love a soft and dreamy treasury :)

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